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Matters needing attention during operation of cooling tank

Issuing time:2021-12-29 16:12

The oil tank of the transformer is the shell of the transformer, which contains the core, winding and transformer oil, and plays a certain role in heat dissipation. The function of the transformer cooling device is that when the temperature difference is generated in the upper oil temperature of the transformer, the oil cycle is formed through the radiator, so that the oil flows back to the tank after cooling by the radiator, which has the effect of reducing the transformer oil temperature. In order to improve the cooling effect, air cooling, strong oil air cooling or strong oil water cooling can be used.

Cooling tank is composed of refrigeration system, oil circulation system and automatic control system. Refrigeration system adopts imported fully closed refrigeration compressor, oil circulation system is composed of oil pump, pressure controller and oil pipeline. Automatic control system adopts intelligent temperature controller and electric automatic control system, the whole machine has the advantages of convenient operation, safe and reliable operation. The performance of this product has reached the level of similar foreign products, is the ideal liquid cooling machine.

Matters needing attention during operation of cooling tank:

1. Frozen water pump can not run without water in the water tank;

2. Please avoid continuous switching of operating switches.

3. When the frozen water temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor will stop running automatically, which is a normal phenomenon.

4. The temperature switch should avoid setting below 5℃ to prevent the evaporator from freezing (except for low-temperature freezers);

5. To ensure the cooling effect of the cooling tank and maintain the state, please clean the condenser, evaporator and water filter regularly.

Cooling tank applicable types:

1, lathe, high-speed lathe

2. Inner and outer diameter grinding machine

3, discharge processing machine

4, hydraulic machinery

5, grinder, broaching machine, milling machine

6, comprehensive processing center machine

7, woodworking engraving machine, cutting machinery and so on

Cooling tank is the normal temperature water through the chiller compressor refrigeration to a certain temperature to strengthen the cooling mold or machine, used as a single machine, built-in fin condenser, through the fan and air heat exchange, take away the excess heat!

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