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Description of the cooling water tank system

Issuing time:2021-12-29 16:09

Cooling water tank is an indispensable equipment in pipe production line, which plays a role in shaping cooling. Stainless steel box, automatic drainage of cooling water when higher than water level. Both ends of the box with sealing ring plate flange, fixed by stainless steel hexagon screws, and the bottom of the water tray, center height can be adjusted up and down.

The cooling water tank adopts compressor refrigeration, automatic cooling water temperature control system, accurate for all kinds of heating body to provide circulating cooling water. The instrument is reliable, easy to use and saves water resources. Suitable for the cooling of atomic absorption graphite furnace and other heating parts. Its working principle is that the cold water stored in the water tank is sucked into the circulation system by the circulating pump. After cooling the equipment parts to be cooled, the cooling effect is played, and the water with higher temperature flows out. After cooling by the water circulation radiator and cooling fan, the new circulation is re-added.

Cooling water tank system features:

· Simple, convenient and efficient operation;

· Completely eliminate possible pollution to the clean environment;

· Stainless steel material;

· It can be used for steam quality testing or pure steam sampling;

· Circulating pump with German technology.

The cooling water tank is composed of circulating water pump, circulating water pipeline system and circuit system. The system design is simple, economical and practical, not only greatly improve the work efficiency, but also put an end to the pollution of clean environment.

The cooling water tank can be used for large capacity and quick cooling when there is no water pipe supply in field site. Can meet the requirements of different argon arc welding machine cutting and other water cooling electrical equipment. The water tank is made of enclosed stainless steel and will never rust. The water tank uses magnetic mercury in a shaftless design. It avoids the common electric water mercury scale caused by long time use, resulting in water pump, block and burn out. This machine has water temperature and water level backwater display, timely control of water temperature and water shortage alarm. The cooling water tank can also be used for other electrical appliances. Cooling system for mechanical equipment, convenient and practical.

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