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Water cooling machine
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Water cooling machine

产品简介 Water-cooled machine principle is to a certain amount of water injection machine inside the water tank, through the mechanism of cold water cooling system will be water cooling
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The principle of water cooling machine is to a certain amount of water injection machine inside the water tank, through the mechanism of cold water cooling system will be water cooling, and then by internal cryogenic frozen water injection pump of the machine need to cooling equipment, cold water machine the internal heat away, the high temperature cooling of the hot water back into the water again, so exchange cooling cycle, as the function of the cooling equipment. Built into the unit, the bottom is equipped with movable casters, beautiful appearance, can be freely changed installation position and equipment, can be placed in the production workshop, and has multi-level energy regulation for supporting small and medium-sized production equipment (this model needs to be equipped with the corresponding cooling tower, pipeline pump).

Advanced technology of water cooling machine:

Combined with PID dynamic temperature control technology, the temperature control accuracy can reach ±0.1℃

The optimization design

Tank inlet and outlet design, easy to use and maintenance, and reduce wear to pump and heat exchanger

Stable and reliable

Time - tested high - quality spare parts, stable quality, reliable performance

Safety protection

Temperature alarm, water alarm, water pressure alarm, flow alarm, multiple protection, safe use

Water protection

Filter, UV lamp for water quality protection, to ensure the experimental environment

The intelligence function

Remote control of circulating water start/stop, remote temperature sensor, R232 interface to achieve computer control and save the temperature spectrum

Water cooling machine is mainly used for :(1). Plastic particles are injected into the mold after heating and melting, and after condensation, the top of the mold is formed. In the continuous production process, there is a need to cool the mold, to shorten the plastic condensation time, improve the size accuracy of the workpiece, forming quality, surface quality.

Water cooling machine is used in other aspects :(2)

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