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Oil cooler
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Oil cooler

产品简介 Industrial oil coolers have strong cooling capacity, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high reliability. These units are equipped where there is no available liquid source for cooling condensers.
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An industrial oil cooler is a refrigeration system used to cool process fluids and dehumidify the air in an industrial facility. More efficient than ordinary refrigeration machines, compressors can operate without cylinders, pistons or valves. Use fans to dissipate heat from the cooling system. The equipment is A standard A-type screw compressor and shell and tube heat exchanger air conditioning system, they have strong cooling capacity, low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and high reliability. These units are equipped where there is no available liquid source for cooling condensers.

Industrial oil cooling machine according to the principle of refrigeration system, the low temperature low pressure liquid refrigerant in the evaporator and the surrounding water oil absorption of heat, heat exchange evaporator evaporation into the low temperature low pressure gas, evaporation process cold media, constant temperature low temperature low pressure gas refrigerant into the compressor, the compressor compressed, compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, and then into the condenser, Medium for heat transfer in the condenser with indoor, high temperature and high pressure of the gaseous part of heat is absorbed by the medium, medium temperature, the refrigerant condenser heat release into high temperature and high pressure liquid, condenser constant temperature process, and then into the expansion valve throttling, throttling is a process of rapid cooling, cold media into the low temperature low pressure liquid, After this process, the refrigerant enters the evaporator for heat exchange and evaporation, so as to realize the whole process of the refrigeration system. This cycle is continuous, and the oil can be continuously refrigerated.

Cleaning steps:

Cleaning is mainly aimed at the connection part of the equipment and the condenser, find the water inlet direction of the condenser and connect it to the water inlet or outlet of the pump, and then use tools to heat the pipeline. First clean with water, this process should be repeatedly cleaned three times, so that some of the dirt discharged after a lot of, some of the rest of the bad cleaning, you need to dosing cleaning.

After the cleaning work is almost finished, we need to remove before, install back to the original can be. Although it seems to be a simple step, we still suggest that it is safer to clean it by professionals.

Maintenance method

1. Open the oil cooler. From March to November every year, the operator is required to turn on the oil cooler in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. It is required that the oil cooler be turned on when the equipment starts in each shift.

2. Observation of the oil cooler. The oil cooler is set with a certain refrigeration temperature value. When the operator operates the equipment, it is necessary to observe the displayed value of the oil temperature. When the oil temperature is higher than the set value for a long time, it is necessary to report the situation to the maintenance in time.

3. Clean the fuel tank. When the oil cooler runs for about 2 weeks, the oil drain port of the oil tank should be opened to drain oil, so as to remove the water entering the bottom of the tank sink. The cooling coil of lo-C unit should be cleaned regularly to prevent the cooling capacity from decreasing. The cooling coil should be avoided while cleaning, and the bottom of the tank should be completely cleaned.

4, clean the air filter. Clean the air filter every two weeks (at least once a week in bad environment). When cleaning, remove the filter first, and remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or air spray gun. When the dirt is serious, the air filter should be cleaned with warm water and neutral detergent with the temperature not exceeding 40℃. After cleaning, the water should be dried and then packed back to the original place.

5. Check regularly. According to the cleanness of oil, check regularly, clean suck oil filter net, in case dirt is blocked.

6. Clean the surface of the unit. When the surface of the unit is dirty, neutral detergent or high quality soapy water should be used to scrub with soft cloth. Do not use petroleum, acid solvents, grinding powder, steel brush and sandpaper, etc., in order to prevent damage of spray surface.

7. Check before reuse. After long-term placement and reuse or use for a long period of time, check whether the heat exchanger of the oil cooler is blocked by dust and dirt. If necessary, use dry compressed air, vacuum cleaner or soft brush to clean the surface. Do not damage the heat exchanger fins when doing this work.

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